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UCMAS is a Child Development Program based on Mental Math and the Abacus that boosts brainpower in children aged 4-13. Along with strengthening math skills, the UCMAS approach promotes whole brain development and establishes foundational building blocks like Memory, Concentration, Creativity and Problem Solving – core skills that inspire greater confidence and success in all subject areas and in life. The program equips them with the skills they need to improve overall academic achievement and to confidently meet life's challenges and achieve greatness.

our exciting classes and energetic instructors ensure that our students have fun as they learn! Since 1993, UCMAS has helped over one million children around the world Discover the Genius Within.

Name : Rajarajan Thennavan

Centre : UCMAS Springfield Lakes
Designation : Business Manager/Tutor

He is a Business Manager/Tutor at UCMAS Springfield Lakes Centre, QLD. He has completed his Master of International Business from QUT, Australia and has over 19 years experience within the educational sector working as a Tutor, Career Counsellor, HR and a Board of Director and is experienced in understanding the needs and tutoring people from ages 3 to 60. In addition to the above as an experienced HR/ Recruitment Professional, Rajarajan is highly experienced in understanding needs and assessing suitability of teachers and currently manages a teacher recruitment unit.

Name : Kinjal Zaveri

Centre : UCMAS Clayton
Designation : Principal / Teacher

I am Mechatronics Engineer by profession and believes in successful tools to achieve goals in multi-talented world. I commenced UCMAS training in 2017 before successfully starting my own Centre in 2018. UCMAS is a perfect tool for growing mind where they can boost their mental Learning via special designed three finger technique to their daily learning skills and abilities in school and surrounding environment of children. Clayton Centre is an ideal example where students have shown their potential in various areas of their curriculum thus making me and parents happy.

Name : Swapna Sekar

Centre : UCMAS Springfield Lakes
Designation : Principal / Teacher

She is a Principal/ Teacher at UCMAS Springfield Lakes Centre, QLD. Swapna has completed her MBA and as a daughter of a School Teacher, she got inspired into the art of teaching kids from a young age. Whether it comes to getting involved within the community in providing opportunities to upstage young and unseen talents to teaching at UCMAS, Swapna is extremely passionate and committed in the personal development of kids.

Name : Jashanjit Kaur

Centre : UCMAS Officer
Designation : Principal / Teacher

She is Principal/Teacher of UCMAS Officer. She did her Masters of Accounting from Australia and Bachelors in Education from India. I joined UCMAS because I have keen interest in teaching. Since I am from accounting background, I love to teach maths which is closely related to UCMAS methods. Teacher mathematics using Abacus technique has become fun now and I am loving it.

Name : Chrissy Malviya

Centre : UCMAS Logan
Designation : Principal of UCMAS

She is the Principal of UCMAS Logan. She has been working as an educator in an Outside School Hours Care centre for the past couple of years and she has more than 6 years experience in private tuition. She is fluent in English, Greek and French. Chrissy is currently enrolled in Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Queensland. During her spare time, she is also doing small online courses in education and teaching practices. Chrissy is the main abacus teacher for UCMAS Logan.

Name : Saurubh Malviya

Centre : UCMAS Logan
Designation : Business Manager

He is the Business Manager of UCMAS Logan. Saurubh has a great experience in child development, education and care. He is currently enrolled in a Doctorate Programme where he is researching the Social And Emotional Opportunities in Outside School Hours Care. He has a Master of Education. His extensive experience with children has been acquired through classroom teaching and coordinating and managing an OSHC centre. He is now lecturing at Griffith University in the department of Education, focusing on child development, communication and preparing future teachers. Saurubh is also the founder of We Belong, a non-for profit organisation that seeks to provide social and emotional support through play to homeless children in India.

Name : Jayanthi Mukundarao

Centre : UCMAS Indooroopilly
Designation : Teacher

Professional and highly trained UCMAS teacher with over six years of teaching and tutoring experience in maths and science. I am extremely passionate about teaching and love to see my students succeed. As a teacher I believe that I have to evolve and learn new skills to meet the students diverse learning styles. Before becoming a teacher, I was a consultant dietitian at ErgoWorks Inc., India and was also running my online Organic Store. I consider myself as a lifelong learner and the passion of learning led me to become a teacher.

Name : Harinder Pal Singh

Centre : UCMAS Berwick
Designation : Principal of UCMAS

He is a Business Manager/Teacher in UCMAS Berwick. Coming from Engineering background and working as a Mortgage Broker always keeps me playing with numbers and Maths. After being blessed with 2 wonderful kids, the inner teacher of mine awakened and I learnt how rewarding and fulfilling teaching can be. At UCMAS Berwick I alongside my wife find out new heights of rewards every day and we love to see the spark in the eyes of children when they learn a new concept from us. It is simply out of the world.

Name : Parul Tamhane

Centre : UCMAS Indooroopilly
Designation : Principal

I am a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a strong commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. Even though my background is Computer Engineering with Masters in Finance, teaching has always been my first love. Ever since college days, I have enjoyed teaching primary, secondary and college students alike. Now being a mother of two, I am highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated to ensure all children who join our program are able to explore their potential and be successful learners.

Name : Navleen Bindra

Centre : Stretton UCMAS, Queensland, Australia
Designation : Principal

I am passionate about teaching kids and loves to see my students succeed.
I believe that "Successful people don't do different things but they do things differently".

Name : Parul Sehgal

Centre : Upper Mount Gravatt & Underwood
Designation :Principal

Principal_Upper Mount Gravatt & Underwood
B.Com, Masters in Professional Accounting
Diploma in Business Management
Teaching Abacus for 3 years
I have the dedication to teaching. I’m patient, caring and have the ability to develop a relationship with students which leads to quick learning and better results.

Name : Kawaljit Kaur

Centre : UCMAS Berwick
Designation : Principal / Teacher

She is a Principal/Teacher in UCMAS Berwick. She did her Masters in IT from India and had been teaching at University level before migrating to Australia. Coming here the new way of life took me further away from my passion “Teaching”. The flame of “Teaching” giving the students something that can change their lives never ceased inside. I rediscovered the highly rewarding profession of a teacher at UCMAS Berwick and are basking ourselves in the ever fruitful and glorious opportunity life has provided for us.